Our approach to Special Situations seeks to align our interests with our clients. We look to originate, structure and execute select transactions on behalf of our clients. Special Situations has a particular focus on venture stage technology companies - but with a broad remit that also covers areas such as various distressed situations.


A New Approach to Venture-Stage Capital Raising

We help determined entrepreneurs build revolutionary businesses

What We Do             

At Met Zurich, we believe that entrepreneurs know their companies best. We seek to provide something of an antidote to the excesses of the industry, providing exceptional companies with capital from our consortium of trusted investors – without forcing them to surrender control or suffer predatory dilution. We do this by working with our network of like-minded family offices, ultra-high net worth angel investors, and other institutional players to execute mutually advantageous transactions.


We aim to align our interests and act as a trusted advisor, leveraging our extensive network to do everything from sourcing strategic board members to helping to design and implement ambitious financial strategies.

Our Philosophy

Our team values driven and considered entrepreneurs above all else: we believe that while many other factors are of vital importance in the investment process, all other virtues follow from the strength of a firm’s leadership. We endeavour to forge partnerships with such entrepreneurs in vertical’s where we see the potential for disruption and disproportionate growth: to that end, we are excited to be currently working with companies in verticals that include SaaS, Cybersecurity, and IoT.

Strategic Situations

We also continually seek to find profound fundamental value in distressed, event-driven situations, which require dynamic financial solutions such as restructuring, reorganisations, and mergers & acquisitions. To this end, we draw from the expertise of investment professionals across Met Zurich’s business areas to provide specialist structuring, raise capital, sell assets, and drive strategic transactions.