Robert Williamson

Senior Consultant

Robert Williamson has 18 years of capital markets experience working for Japanese, French, Canadian and Swiss institutions. He is currently working as a consultant and concentrates on providing advisory expertise on structuring debt and capital raising. Prior to working at Met Zurich, Mr Williamson worked primarily in interest rate derivatives and debt capital markets. Mr Williamson began his career at IBJ International (now Mizuho International) specialising in EMTN new issuance, later moving to CDC IXIS Capital Markets (now Natixis), TD Securities and UBS marketing third party new issues swaps to wholesale and investment banking customers in the Far East, Europe and North America encompassing a large variety of structures. He has a strong background in multi-asset derivatives structuring and marketing of products targeted to both institutional and retail customers.  Mr Williamson was awarded a BA Hons degree from the University of Southampton and additionally is a graduate of The College of Law (now The University of Law).